Theme 6 – International cooperation

About the theme

The intensification of international cooperation in the water sector is the primary reason for the existence of Brazil Water Week. This theme will focus on specific aspects of cooperation for the dissemination of knowledge and technical assistance and on coordinated action between international associations and forums in promoting the water agenda.

Discussing best practices, disseminating knowledge and providing technical assistance are growing demands, especially when it comes to experiences among developing countries. Bringing experiences within Latin America and the Caribbean closer and relating them to Africa and Asia is an objective of the discussions in this theme, adding to the relationship with OECD countries, particularly Portugal and Spain, which are of special importance to Brazil and Latin America. The discussion will involve representatives from countries and multilateral development and financing agencies and banks. This will be the focus of one of the sessions.

The theme will also address the agenda of international associations and forums, focusing on continuing discussion and mobilization lines in the chain of sector events, national, regional, and global. The Latin America and Caribbean agenda will be highlighted, the relationship between ABES and AIDIS, with emphasis on the Inter-American Congress on Sanitary and Environmental Engineering in Lima, and the structuring of the Latin American Water Forum, and at the global level, discussing the results of the World Water Forum in Bali, COP 30 in Belém (Brasil) in 2025, and the preparation process for the IWA World Congress in Brazil in 2030. This will be the focus of the second session of this theme.


Alceu Guerios Bittencourt

National president of ABES

Marcel Costa Sanches

ABES secretary general and Superintendent of Regulatory Affairs at Sabesp

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