Theme 3 – Circular Economy and Nature-Based Solutions ​

About the theme

Circular Economy and Nature-Based Solutions are directly related by their own concepts. The first addresses a production mode that keeps materials circulating longer in the production chain, which in turn serves the intelligent use of resources within the chain. The second, by seeking implementations of actions aimed at protecting, managing sustainably or restoring natural ecosystems to address socio-environmental challenges.

Therefore, international and Brazilian models in these themes will be comparatively reflected upon, identifying existing gaps and opportunities, and thus being able to point out strategies to overcome them. To promote discussion in a more dynamic and interactive way, each session will feature a keynote speech responsible for providing context, focus and presentation of guiding questions. After the speech, a debate will be held with national and international experts.

The objective of these discussions is to foster directions for the consolidation and integration of sectoral policies, considering the significant transversality of the themes in question. Among these directions, alternatives for balancing economic activities, incorporating sustainability principles, will be discussed. And for this purpose, 3 (three) central sub-themes will be highlighted: water reuse, solid waste and Nature-Based Solutions for water security.


Josivan Cardoso

Manager of the Regional Engineering and Agronomy Council of Rio de Janeiro (CREA-RJ)

Sérgio Ayrimoraes

ANA Regulation specialist and co-founder of the Water Reuse Institute – Brazil

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