Registration fees:​

ABES members

R$ 280,00


R$ 400,00

Enrollments Individuals

Registration is only available to Individuals.

For new registrations, click on the “Sign up” button above according to your category: ABES Member or Non-members.

You must create a registration to access the Participant Area:

  • In the first step, fill in your country, CPF, full name and email.
  • In the next step, create a password as instructed on the screen.
  • Fill in the other fields and at the end click the Finish button.

Your registration will be created and you can now access the Participant Area. To register, follow the steps:

  • Click on “New registration”
  • If you have a coupon, enter the code in the field and click the Validate button.
  • Choose your category in the “Registration category” field.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions until the final payment step.
  • Registration will only be completed after payment confirmation.

Important notes:

  • Please ensure that your email address provided on the form is correct as it will be used for all our communications with you.
  • Membership categorie will only be displayed to current members. If you are up to date and the categories are not displayed, please contact

For new registrations, click on the “Sign up” button above according to your category: ABES Member or Non-members, and follow the instructions on the screen.

Group registrations

If you are interested in group registrations, please contact us via email:

Payment methods

1) For Brazilians: Bank slip and credit card

After filling in your registration form in the system, choose between bank transfer or credit card.

After the payment of the registration fee, you will receive the confirmation.

After payment of the registration fee, the registrant will receive confirmation in the email informed in the registration form and used in the purchase, within a maximum period of 3 business days, if made in advance, if it is during the event, within 3 hours.

The deadline for payment via bank slip is 05/30/2024.

2) For foreigns: credit card via Paypal

3) Pledge note

Applications for Legal Entities by means of PLEDGE NOTE will only be received until 05/01/2024.

Instructions for payment with Commitment Note

1-     For payment with a pledge note, the amount used will be the same as the last salary according to the category, due to the payment being made by the paying institution after the event.

2-     Applications by means of PLEDGE NOTE will only be received until 05/01/2024

3-     The paying institution must send to the e-mail the Commitment Note with its registration data: name of the paying institution, responsible, telephone, e-mail, full address, CNPJ, along with the list with the name and CPF of each participant who wants to register and signed and stamped by the Institution.

4-     Each participant must register individually online;

5-     After payment of the Pledge  Note, the paying entity must send the appropriate receipt to the e-mail, so that the debt can be written off;

6-     If there is no Pledge Note or absence of the name in a document previously sent by the stipulated date, under the terms of item 3, the applicant must make the respective payment upon registration at the local secretariat, according to their category;

7-     If the registration payment is doubled, the refund will be made in full to the participant through a bank deposit within 30 (thirty) days after the end of the event;

8-     Documents that do not comply with the guidelines above item 3 will not be considered as Pledge Notes;

9-     Bank reference: Bank details (for deposit):

Itau Bank

Branch: 0310

Current Account: 16,624-4


Pledge Note

Name: ABES – Brazilian Association of Sanitary and Environmental Engineering

CNPJ: 33.945.015/0001-81

State Registration: exempt – Municipal Registration: 01,385,194

Address: Av. Beira Mar, 216 – 13th floor – Neighborhood: Castelo – Rio de Janeiro – RJ Zipcode: 20021-060

Phone: 55 21 2277-3900 Fax: 55 21 2262-6838


Certificates of participation will be provided after the closing of the event, through the Event website.

Questions or information​

If you have any questions or information, please contact

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