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Maximiliano Mardoff

Max has been working on water, energy, and resources for more than 15 years. Inside a major water utility in Chile, he worked for applications, design, operations, and management in several sites including La Farfana and Mapocho-Trebal wastewater treatment plants which served more than 6 million people in Santiago. He managed significant utility projects exploring new resources, such as the recovery of arsenic-tainted wells or generating renewable energy from turbines installed under the city. Dedicated to sustainability and circular economy activities, and in response to a major utility’s decarbonization goals, he developed strategic and operational plans based on energy efficiency, renewables, and water reuse. He has spoken in many instances about sustainability for government agencies, universities, and private forums, as well as promoted innovation and served as consultant in academia and innovation centers.

Max holds an Applied Engineering degree in Bioprocess and an Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy diploma from Pontifical Catholic University of Valparaiso, as well as an Industrial Engineering degree from Technical University Federico Santa Maria, and an MBA and Master of Science degree from Hult International Business School. Currently, he works in Atlanta, Georgia United States, as Engineering Manager for Adedge Water Technologies, a Chart Industries Company.

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